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Hearing Voices Network USA

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, our staff members have been at the forefront of driving positive change in these fields, making a lasting impact on individuals and communities. Their extensive backgrounds encompass diverse roles, including nonprofit leadership, program development, peer support training, and clinical practice. This collective experience enables us to provide comprehensive and well-informed guidance through our Technical Assistance services, ensuring that you receive the highest quality support on your journey towards creating trauma-competent systems and organizations. We are passionate about leveraging our expertise to empower you in fostering equitable environments and transforming lives.

Empowering Personal Recovery and Resilience

At FolkTime, we are committed to supporting the Hearing Voices Network (HVN) USA and its mission of empowering individuals who hear voices or have similar sensory experiences. As part of our dedication to promoting understanding and acceptance, we offer HVN USA groups and provide support for integrating this transformative approach into other organizations.

Hearing Voices Network USA Groups: FolkTime hosts HVN USA groups, providing a safe and inclusive space where individuals can come together to share their voice-hearing experiences, gain support, and build connections. These peer-led groups are guided by the principles of HVN USA, embracing non-judgmental and validating approaches that foster empowerment and well-being. Our trained facilitators create an atmosphere of acceptance, respect, and mutual learning, allowing participants to explore their experiences and discover new ways to navigate their journeys.

Integration Support for Organizations: Recognizing the importance of integrating HVN USA principles and practices into mental health organizations and service providers, FolkTime offers comprehensive support tailored to the unique needs of each organization. Our team of experts brings a deep understanding of the HVN USA framework, along with extensive experience in organizational change and transformation.

Support services we provide include:

  1. Training and Education: We offer training workshops and educational sessions that introduce HVN USA principles, provide insights into voice-hearing experiences, and equip staff members with the knowledge and skills necessary for supporting individuals who hear voices.

  2. Consultation and Collaboration: We work closely with organizations to assess their existing structures, policies, and practices, identifying opportunities for integrating HVN USA approaches. Through consultation and collaboration, we develop tailored strategies and action plans that align with the organization's vision and values.

  3. Program Development: FolkTime assists organizations in designing and implementing HVN USA-inspired programs, support groups, and initiatives that create inclusive and empowering environments for individuals who hear voices. We provide guidance on group facilitation techniques, curriculum development, and evaluation frameworks.

  4. Policy and Practice Alignment: We support organizations in aligning their policies, procedures, and practices with the principles of HVN USA. This includes fostering a culture of respect, reducing stigma, and ensuring that the rights and voices of individuals with lived experience are upheld.

  5. Ongoing Support and Mentorship: Our commitment to integration extends beyond the initial stages. We provide ongoing support, mentorship, and resources to organizations, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.


Unlock the Power of HVN USA Integration: By partnering with FolkTime to integrate HVN USA principles and practices, organizations can enhance their support services, foster inclusivity, and create environments where individuals who hear voices can thrive. Together, we can transform mental health systems, challenge stigma, and promote the rights and well-being of all.


Contact us today to explore how FolkTime can support your organization in integrating HVN USA principles and hosting HVN USA groups. Let us join forces in creating compassionate and empowering spaces for individuals who hear voices to find understanding, connection, and recovery.

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