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Intentional Peer Support Overview (4 or 8 Hours)

Discover the Power of IPS: An Overview for Empowering Change

Are you eager to explore the transformative potential of Intentional Peer Support (IPS) ? Look no further than our comprehensive IPS Overview. Tailored to cater to individuals, organizations, and departments seeking to understand the profound impact of IPS, this concise training is the perfect starting point for your journey.

Educate and Empower: Whether you wish to educate your colleagues, organization, or departments about the remarkable benefits of IPS and peer support, or you simply desire to deepen your own knowledge, our IPS Overview offers valuable insights that will leave you inspired.


Key Features of the IPS Overview:

  1. Comprehensive Introduction: Gain a solid foundation in IPS and its core principles. Understand how the integration of peer support can enhance outcomes and revolutionize the way we approach mental health and recovery.

  2. Succinct Format: We recognize your time is valuable. Our overview is thoughtfully designed to provide essential information in a concise and engaging manner, ensuring an efficient learning experience.

  3. Practical Applications: Discover real-life examples showcasing the successful implementation of IPS. Learn how this international best practice has positively impacted individuals, organizations, and communities.

  4. Interactive Learning: Our interactive approach keeps you engaged throughout the training. Engage in activities, discussions, and reflective exercises that reinforce your understanding and encourage active participation.

  5. Principles and Tasks: Delve into the impact of building transformative relationships through the three principles (From Helping to Learning, Individual to Relationship, Fear to Hope and Possibility) and four tasks (Connection, Worldview, Mutuality, Moving Towards) of IPS.


Empowering Change, One Overview at a Time: By immersing yourself in our IPS Overview, you join a community of change-makers dedicated to fostering inclusive and supportive environments. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to champion IPS and peer support, amplifying their impact on mental health and recovery.


Enroll in our IPS Overview today and embark on a journey of transformation and empowerment. Together, we can create a future where every individual thrives.

IPS Overviews are usually done in partnership with an organization who hosts the event.  If you're interested in hosting an IPS Overview, please use the contact form below.  Occasionally we will open up IPS Overviews to the public, and they will be posted on Training and Technical Assistance page.

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