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Peer Respite Coming



FolkTime Announces Development of Peer Respite Center in Portland Metro Region


FolkTime, a peer-run, mental health non-profit community service agency with a mission of connecting individuals with lived experience, is excited to announce the upcoming opening of an Oregon Health Authority funded Peer Respite Center. This innovative peer-run program is set to provide a voluntary, holistic, and community-based alternative to hospitalization, offering individuals a low-impact way to receive support while maintaining their connection to their community and support network.


Commitment to Community Collaboration


FolkTime is deeply committed to ensuring that the Peer Respite Center is developed in close collaboration with the community it serves. To achieve this, the organization is actively engaging individuals with lived experience, mental health advocates, and community members in the development process. In addition to these key stakeholders, FolkTime is also working collaboratively with its board of directors and members to ensure that the Peer Respite Center reflects the values and priorities of the organization as a whole.


Inclusive and Welcoming Environment


TaMara Edens, Director of FolkTime's Connection Centers, highlights the significance of involving those with lived experience, stating, “FolkTime is working to ensure that the Peer Respite Center is designed to be a welcoming and supportive space for all who come through its doors. This inclusive approach reflects FolkTime's core values of community-driven mental health support and its dedication to creating a space where everyone feels welcome and supported.”


Key Information about the Peer Respite Center:

  • Location: The center will be based in the Portland Metro area.

  • Services: The center will offer 24-hour peer support for up to two weeks in a home-like environment, with peer-led groups and access to FolkTime’s Peer Connection Centers.

  • Unique Features: What sets Peer Respite apart is its non-clinical approach. Guests in self-defined crises can benefit from a home-like environment, maintaining their voluntary participation while continuing to work and access their natural support community.

  • Anticipated Opening: Peer Respite Center is anticipated to open its doors in Summer 2024.


Join Us in Creating a Supportive Community


FolkTime will continue providing updates on the development, job openings, and ways to engage with the process here and on social media channels.

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