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Peer Support Specialist- Competency Skills Test

For individuals who are more than 6 months expired from their Traditional Health Worker license as a Peer Support Specilist, FolkTime is able to help with an alternative to becoming certified again.  We offer 3 options for re-gaining your certification:

Multiple Choice Demonstration

A comprehensive written demonstration featuring 49 questions.


Practice Session Demonstration

A practical practice session (role play) demonstration featuring 4 primary scenarios and an Oral Health Scenario.


Written Paragraph-Style Demonstration

An in-depth written demonstration with paragraph-style questions.

Formerly licensed Peer Support Specialists by the Oregon Health Authority's Traditional Health Worker Commission may take the Competency Skills Test for recertification, even if their license has lapsed and regardless of whether their foundational training was completed with FolkTime or not.

To qualify for recertification, a score of 70% or above is required in one demonstration format. If a candidate falls below 70%, they are permitted to retake the test with another demonstration format. If they fall below 70% in all three demonstrations, they will need to retake a foundational training.

The Competency Skills Test costs $50 per demonstration. However, if cost is a barrier, candidates are encouraged to indicate this in the contact form.

In our commitment to accessibility, we welcome accommodation requests. If candidates require additional time or alternative formats, they are encouraged to inform us, and we will do our best to accommodate their needs.

This Competency Skills Test has been endorsed by the Oregon Health Authority.

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