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Clinical Programs

Peer Support Specialists are consumers of mental health services but have participated in specific training to learn how to assist others who are in various parts of their mental health recovery. Peer Support Specialists offer nonjudgmental support and validation through the sharing of personal experiences and coping skills. Peer Support Specialists are able to offer genuine empathy having personally traveled similar roads of trauma, distress, or discomfort. They are able to assist individuals as advocates and supports in the community.

FolkTime endorses and has trained all their staff in Intentional Peer Support, an international best practice in mental health. Through this program clients of the clinics can form connections with peer providers where they can explore their world views, foster mutuality, and move towards their ideal life of recovery.

Peers based in the clinic primarily meet with individuals in the community. These meetings can range from hospital visits to grabbing a cup of coffee to water aerobics. Basically, Peer Support Specialists are there to support the individual in recovery (with whatever that means to them) as an active participant.


Peer Services at Stewart Behavioral Health Center

Stewart Behavioral Health Center

Stewart Center
1002 Library Ct
Oregon City, OR 97045


If you have questions about peer support at Stewart or Hilltop Behavioral Health Centers, please call Jen Patterson at 503-490-0484.


Peer Support Specialists at the Stewart Center inspire hope for recovery, establish mutual connections, create relationships of collaborative learning, and support individuals in moving toward the life they want to live.


The Peer Lounge

Open Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.


Conversation, connection, mental health recovery resources, community support information, computers, board games, puzzles, magazines, coffee/tea.


Peer Groups

Stewart offers several peer groups including:
-Peers who Hear
-Art Group
-Coffee with Peers


Stewart Behavioral Health Center

The Community Support Team at Stewart Center provides comprehensive services that promote recovery, community integration, independence and productivity for individuals experiencing severe mental illness. The type, intensity and sources of services reflect personal needs and preferences. Individuals are encouraged and supported to become decision-makers and active participants in the development of their treatment plans. The Supported Employment Program is designed to help people enrolled in mental health services find and keep a good job.


1002 Library Ct., Oregon City, OR 97045

Open Monday Friday 8:00am 5:00pm

Mental Health & Addiction Services


Stewart Behavioral Health Center  | Open Monday – Friday | 8:30 am – 5:00pm

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